Monday, February 26, 2007


This little guy is
doing his best to
be intimidating,
but it just doesn't
seem to be working.

If anything, she'll
probably take him
home and give
him some cookies.

Unless that ray-gun


locosketcho said...

Nice composition Anthony ! I noticed that you left a comment on my blog, thanks very much :) I really dig' your work, keep up the awsome job ;)

- Danica

Jack Snider said...

I love this graphic style. Nicely drawn.

I imagined another panel in which the nice ladie's head is gone and all that remains is a puff of smoke.
The alien has his head tilted toward us and he has a word balloon filled with alien gibberish. Below the panel there is a caption that says: Translation: "I told her I didn't want any goddamn Avon."

Michael Mason said...

Great piece Anthony,

Cute, and quirky all at the same time.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Danica: Thanks. I enjoyed seeing your work and will check back often. :)

Jack: You're mean spirited. Perhaps locking you in a closet filled with My Little Ponies and chocolate kisses would help.

Michael: Thanks. That description fits you as well. :)