Thursday, July 12, 2007

Date With Demise

In Dec. of 06, held an art show at
Thinkspace Gallery in California. The show was
called Cotton to Canvas and featured work by
the Oddica artists. The idea behind the show was
that each artist would interpret his/her own or
another artist's t-shirt design in his/her own style.

I chose Robert Gould's "Date with Demise".
It is acrylic on an 8"x10" oval canvas.

You can see Robert Gould's original
design by visiting
While you're there, pick up a t-shirt or three. :)


Jack Snider said...

That Demise seems a handsome devil with obvious good taste. Nice job painting that cartoon style.

I like Gould's version also. It has a kind of E.C./Jack Chick comics feel.

Anthony Carpenter said...

He is, isn't he?

I hadn't painted in that style before this.
It was fun. I shall do it more often.

Yeah, that's why I picked it. It had built-in cool. :)