Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sketches Schmetches . . .

. . . or Ten Heads and Two Figures are
Better than One Head and No Figures

. . . or Sketches by the Dozen

. . . or Too Many Titles Spoiled the Post


Amy said...

Very cool indeed. The guy right in the middle seems to be half-way between human and the alien dudes :)

Jack Snider said...

Nice sketches (the smetches aint half bad either). I like the weird distortions your bringing to these. The girl on the left with the flattened profile and the woman middle right.

Giselle Gonzalez said...

really fun drawings! great as usual :)

Anthony Carpenter said...

Thanks, Amy. He's a weirdsmobile all right.

Jack: I worked extra hard on the schmetches. Thanks. It's difficult to make interestingly attractive women without resorting to the big eyes, button nose routine. These girls may not be popular, but I like drawing 'em.

Giselle: Thanks. :)