Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back in the Swing!

Hey there, Guys and Dolls! I'm back in the swing of things!
I got plenty busy for a while and let things hit the big
slow-down. Ya gotta pay the bills, Daddy-o!

Well, things are gettin' back to normalsville and
it's time to get this shindig back up to speed (sort of).

With that in mind, please cast yer viewin' orbs
at the following posted pages.

They're chock full of sketchy goodness designed
to maximize your viewing pleasure and bring health
and happiness to you and your loved ones.


Gene Gonzales said...

Well that made my day! Great to have you back Anthony. Love the faces as always. Some of those sculpture designs would look good in our 1959 Ranch we bought. I am determined to make it a swanky '50s pad. Encore!

Anthony Carpenter said...

Thanks, Gene, it's good to be back.
I envy your new digs! It'll be a blast to decorate a pad like that. If you haven't already done so, check out ATOMIC RANCH magazine ( It's the go-to guide for all things related to Ranch-style domiciles.

Gene Gonzales said...

We are still in the beginning stages of decorating, but I have painted a mural on my wifes "Tiki Room". Furniture hunting now. I discovered Atomic Ranch about 3-4 years ago. I always pick it up. Thanks!

Jack Snider said...

That gator drawing is nicely designed (as are all the goils!). Great sketches all around.