Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tiki Magazine Art Show!

Aloha, Dukes and Wahines!
I am taking part in a big art show sponsored
by Tiki Magazine. The show opens on September 13
at the Planet Rooth Gallery in San Diego.

I will have four original paintings in the show,
including "Tiki Beat A-GoGo".

I am quite honored to have been asked to be involved
in a show like this. There is quite a roster of tiki art
heavyweights gathered for the event and to be counted
among them is amazing. Anyhoo, check out the
ultra-swank show poster below for full details:



Gene Gonzales said...

Congrats Anthony! The others are in good company. :)


Jack Snider said...

You'll knock'em dead I'm sure. Your paintings are great.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Tanks, fellers. 'Tis much appreciated, indeed.