Friday, February 6, 2009

The Sketch Girls: Available Now!

Greetings, Guys 'n' Dolls,
Mrs. Carpenter's baby boy has just published his
first book through

It's a nifty 120 page, 6"x9", b/w, hardcover
collection of delightful sketch cuties compiled from my
many sketchbooks. The book costs a mere $24.95
and can be purchased here: Booksville!

Buy one for yourself and one for
someone you love!


Amy said...

Did this thing just delete my comment? Stupid *kick*

Very sweet! I'll order one soon as my latest pay clears :)

crylic said...

Wow, this looks fantastic! You can count on me picking one up for shure!

Edward said...

hi Anthony
your drawing is amazing. i particular like your retro girls.
I also have a fondness of 1960s girl spy movies.
By the way, have you ever seen the Hong Kong girl spy movie "temptress of thousand faces"?