Monday, November 2, 2009

Alligator Ambush

When an innocent gator walked by
You decided you'd give it a try
Your ambush was set
You will never forget
That look of surprise in his eye


Jack Snider said...

It was such a terrible mess,
the upside is now you way less,
you use to be hefty,
now you're a lefty,
and a tad bit wiser I'll guess.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Your rhyme is quite clever, my friend
That opinion I'll strongly defend
But as for your spelling
It's not as compelling
Ain't it always that "weigh" in the end?

Jack Snider said...

That spelling error that I mist
has me frankly rather pist
sew watch out, make whey (or weigh)
oh what the hay
I'll just admit my mind's burnt to a krisp
(you get the gist)