Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jenny Lee Hightower's Special Power

This is Jenny Lee Hightower of Waukegan, Illinois.
She was born with a very unique ability.
Whenever wieners are consumed, be it at lunch, dinner,
picnic or ballgame, she helps to usher their mortal souls
to their final resting place.

In 2007, during a particularly energetic Hot Dog Eating
Contest, Jenny Lee was hospitalized due to stress. It
is said that 37 franks were left to wander the earth in
spirit form until Jenny Lee recovered and sent them

In 2009, Jenny Lee married a man named Frank, whom
she met at Coney Island. They currently live in a lovely
ranch house in the Greater Waukegan area with their
two small children and, of course, a dog.

Jenny Lee still does her good works.
She does so with great relish.

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