Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sad Little Alien

This little alien is very sad.

Is it because he is lonely and
has no friends?

Or is it because he meant to
conquer the human race, but
accidently left the house without
his Atomic Disrupter ™ and
now has to return to his home
planet and explain why he,
once again, has failed such a
simple assignment?

Perhaps the former, perhaps
the latter. Either way he
looks like he could use a hug.


Jack Snider said...

Sure, lean in real close and look at his sad little eyes, then scream in shock and horror as those pitiful orbs shoot out as hooked tentacles sinking into the sides of your skull to secure it, while out of it's mouth comes a larger tooth-lined feeding tentacle that drills through your skull, eats yor brain and then deposits it's eggs in your throat so that when they hatch in three days they can feed on your entrails.

Sad little alien indeed.

Nicely drawn though.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Oh dear, it appears our Mr. Snider is having another one of his spells.

Thank you for the compliment, my run-on sentence writing friend.