Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sea Monster

Sketched while watching an episode from the
"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" DVD boxed set.

Fancy schmancy coloring done in Photoshop


Jack Snider said...

Multi-tentacled sea creatures are always cool in my book. Nice fancy rendering.
Great poses on the frogmen.

I don't know if I've ever seen this show. I'll have to check it out some time.

Scott Rosema said...

WOW! You've never seen Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea??!! Richard Basehart stars in an Irwin Allen pre-Towering Inferno TV action sci-fi classic!

Lots of giant, bizarre sea creatures and monsters, ultra cool mini flying sub, some spy intrigues, exoctic locales, great personality driven characters ala Star Trek casting .... great, great show.

Never missed an episode back in the 60's. Tons of imagination playtime at the beach during the summer with that show in mind. That and Namor, Seahunt, and, one must be honest, Flipper.

I make no apologies.


Anthony Carpenter said...

Thanks, Jack. I had a feeling you would dig this one. Frogmen rule!

Scott: Thanks for the . . .er . . . comment on Jack's comment. :P

Jack Snider said...

What, you mean there're pictures on this blog?

Anthony Carpenter said...

Well, I though there were, but I am frequently mistaken about such things.