Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Here are two sketches
based on fashions from
the books Fruits and
Fresh Fruits.

The books are collections
of images from the Japanese
magazine, Fruits, a
magazine dedicated to
Japanese street fashion.

They are a great source
of ideas for Illustrators.

Clothes/hair: Fresh Fruits
Models: My imagination


Amy said...

Heh. Your illustrations make those insane FRUITS outfits look almost wearable by normal people :D!

Jack Snider said...

I really like the drawing/pose on the top one. Very nice figures.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Thanks, Amy. :)

Thanks, Jack. It's tough coming up with poses that are unique to each other, yet still look natural and casual.

xenos said...

diggin your blog here. i bought the two books too and they are lots of fun to get inspiration from. wish i had thought of this first for IF.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Thanks, xenos.
The books are good. Phaidon just released a new one that focuses on Gothic and Lolita fashions. I haven't had a chance to pick that one up yet, though.