Thursday, May 31, 2007



Jack Snider said...

Beware the three eyed GLAK.
he floats in from who knows where
and hovers, poised to attack,
when your deep in thought or consumed
with some thoughtful task
he let's loose with a smelly GLAK
you turn around but cannot find
the stinking thing from who knows where,
his job is done, he went back.

Anthony Carpenter said...

The sensitive nature of your poetry brings a tear to my eye.
Write on, dear friend, write on.

Jack Snider said...

That's methane, my friend.

Michael Mason said...

When I first saw this I immediately thought of that calvin and hobbes where calvin burps real loud at the dinner table.

Awesome creature, I love it! ugly and so cute all at the same time.

Nice poetry jack =P