Thursday, November 29, 2007

Them Dukes in Hades

Today we present a sketch (from memory) of the
legendary lost episode of The Dukes of Hazzard,
entitled "Them Dukes in Hades".

In the episode, Boss Hogg threatens to foreclose on
the Dukes farm if the they don't come up with the
millions of dollars they owe for all of the destruction
they have been responsible for over the years.
While the Duke boys brainstorm, Uncle Jesse sneaks off
and makes a deal with Satan himself. Satan gives him
a recipe for the finest moonshine ever made. The
moonshine is a hit and the farm is saved.

Unfortunately, Uncle Jesse did not read the
fine print on his contract and finds that he cannot
pay old Scratch what he owes. The Hoary Host of
the Nether World decides to invoke a special clause in the
contract and claims Daisy for his own. She is to
become Queen of Hades.

When the Duke boys find out what has happened they
hop in the General Lee and head straight to Hell.
They must battle hordes of demons and jump the Lake of Fire
in order to get Daisy back and save Uncle Jesse's immortal soul.

The episode only aired once.

Due to pressure from religious groups, it was
yanked from the syndication roster and
was never seen again.


Jack Snider said...

They could have used a script like this.

Anthony Carpenter said...

I hear ya.
This is what they should have done for the recent movie version (written and directed by Rodriguez or Tarantino, of course)