Friday, December 7, 2007

Kid Kosmo Meets The Amazing Brain-Bot

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Kristen McCabe said...

Awesome Drawing. That looks like a fun planet! Have you ever seen Edward Juan's cartoon 'Honeymoon'?

I uploaded it here:

Jack Snider said...

I like the creative design of the Brain-bot. The middle mouth part is funny. The kid looks friendly but, if I've learned anything about robots, this one is dangerous. Kid Cosmo should team up with Johnny Jet Pack for an episode and fight atomic robot Nazi zombies from the future. With a special guest appearance by The Scarlet Avenger.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Kristen: Thanks. I finally got to watch that cartoon (my dial-up couldn't handle it). It was really fantastic. Right up my alley. I'd love to see more features with that look and feel.

Jack: Thanks. That just may happen in the future. :)