Monday, December 17, 2007

Waiting Room Sketches #1

There's nuthin' much to do in waitin' rooms 'cept
readin' or sketchin'. I tend to lean toward the latter.

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Jack Snider said...

"Watchin' the Wheels Go Round" is an excellent choice for this post. Sums up the experience nicely and my world view lately as well. I like the Frankedude and the screaming little devil. A comment on the patrons? The modern art piece looks very sculptural. A suggestion for the waiting room wall?

Anthony Carpenter said...

In these waiting rooms, you see everything from robust seniors to guys that look like they died already and someone forgot to tell them. Yikes!

It's not my favorite place to hang out. Thank goodness for the sketchpad. :)

If I could sculpt, I would make stuff like that.