Thursday, July 16, 2009

Keep on Snappin'

Back in '62, an artist named
Art Crummy (hated seeing his name
in the phone book) came up with a
drawing he titled "Keep on Snappin'".
He had it printed on posters, t-shirts
and dozens of other products in an effort
to get it to catch on with the nation's youth.

It never happened for him and the art
was lost to the ages.

Years later, R. Crumb came up with
"Keep on Truckin'" and gained the
popularity that Mr. Crummy never knew.

Years after Crummy's death the original
art for "Keep on Snappin'" was discovered
in the basement of a Chuck E. Cheese in
Des Moines and is presented here
for your viewing pleasure.

Was Crummy robbed of his rightful glory?

You be the judge.


Jack Snider said...

Thanks for this NTST insight into one of America's greatest performers. It's good to know all is now well for Chaka and his many offspring.

KW said...

ha ha! wonderful!

Jack Snider said...

I meant to say:
You failed to mention his previous failed marketing effort, "Keep on Tappin'" featuring a tap dancing Inuit family. Ahh, the Crummy luck...