Thursday, July 16, 2009

NSTHS: Chaka

Tonight on Not-So-True Hollywood Story


After the cancellation of Land of the Lost,
Chaka's career hit the skids. Booze, drugs
and carousing took their toll and Chaka
was forced to make a living doing
personal appearances at store openings
and used car dealerships. Needless to say,
his belligerent attitude (as exemplified
in the above illustration) quickly ended even
these pathetic employment opportunities.

A shell of his former self, Chaka finally
hit rock bottom. He checked into rehab and
found religion. Once sober, he shaved off all of
his hair, returned to his given name, Stanley
Chakenberg, and married a performance
artist he met while detoxing.

He now lives with his wife and 22 children in
Montana where he raises chemical free chickens
and is working on a memoir entitled "I was a
Hollywood Monkey Boy: A Cautionary Tale".

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Jack Snider said...

Thanks for this NTST insight into one of America's greatest performers. It's good to know all is now well for Chaka and his many offspring.