Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cupcake & Clyde™

"Cupcake and Clyde"™, a new action/comedy that was
set to debut next Fall on HBO has met with a premature demise.
Bosco, the Wonder Monkey, who portrays the character of Clyde,
was slapped with multiple paternity suits and had to drop out of
the series shortly after filming began. The show was suspended
indefinitely when another monkey the equal of Bosco's
considerable talent could not be found.

The show's premise concerned a Burlesque performer played by
coquettish cutie, Camilla Cupcake, who takes in a wacky monkey
named Clyde, left behind by his Vaudeville revival troupe when
they had to make a hasty exit out of town. Together, Cupcake and
Clyde form a new act and spend time between performances
solving unusual crimes and engaging in audience pleasing antics
(usually involving the loss of the lithe Ms. Cupcake's already
scant wardrobe).

In an interview, the creator/director of the series, who goes
by the name "Mr. Happypants", was asked about the grim
prospects for the show. "My astoundingly original show was torpedoed
because that little fur-covered m*********er couldn't keep is g*****n
d*** in his pants! What kind of s****y legal system allows f***ing
monkeys to file lawsuits in the first place? Why am I even talking to
you f***ing idiots? Get the f*** out of my office!" The interview came
to an end when Happypants chucked his now empty whiskey bottle
at the interviewer and threatened to call security.

Whether the show will have a future or not depends entirely
on the outcome of Bosco's turbulent personal situation. If
he succeeds in beating the paternity suits and can reinstate his
standing with his many fans, the show may have a second chance.
In the meantime, the charming Ms. Cupcake has returned
to her role as dancer/comedienne with the Super Happy
Funtime Burlesque troupe, where she dazzles and delights
audiences at every performance.*

*The above nonsense is the bunk with the exception of
Super Happy Funtime Burlesque and Camilla Cupcake.
They're for reals and they're the jazz. If you get a chance
to cast yer peepers on one of their outstanding shows,
they will turn yer frown upside-down and perhaps even
make yer downstairs area feel all funny (in a good way).

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