Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Satori Circus & M. Schnozzola

The amazing Satori Circus posed for us devoted
art monkeys at last Saturday's Dr.Sketchy's Anti-Art School
Grand Rapids
(Sazerac Lounge). He was a really fabulous model,
striking excellent poses while adding liberal doses of emotion
and humor. I had a great time drawing him.

The pose previous to this one had the fully blown-up
sex doll in it. He let the air out of her and struck this
sad/funny pose lamenting her passing. The challenge
posed to the artists was to "draw the model in
conversation with a well-dressed nose". This is what
I came up with. It won me an Audacious Hoop made by
my good friend The Vivacious Miss Audacious. Since I had
already won one at an earlier Sketchy's session, I traded
it for a swell book from Sketchy's sponsor Baby Tattoo Press.