Monday, March 22, 2010

Coffee House Creeps vol. 4

Coffee House Creeps Vol. 4
The Inside Hat Guy

This brand of CHC insists on wearing
his hat inside at all times. Why? My first thought
was that he may fear "hat hair". One look around
at what passes for male grooming these days quickly
dispelled that theory, however. Perhaps he thinks it
makes him look coolly casual or offbeat. Who knows?
Whatever the reason, it's unlikely he will cease this
practice despite the breach of basic etiquette and
the general goofballishness it entails.

Note: Some species of the Inside Hat Guy
pair the hat with a scarf which is also kept on inside.
This takes the cheese to a whole new level.

Note Note: This does not apply to women. They look adorable
in hats and scarves and should be encouraged to
continue wearing them indoors.

Note Note Note: There isn't one. I just wanted
to see if I could land the triple.

1 comment:

Jack Snider said...

At least he doesn't have the kind with flaps and tassels. The trendy Peruvian yak herder lost in the mall look.