Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coffee House Creeps vol. 5

Coffee House Creeps Vol. 5
The Judgmental Sketcher

This is one of the strangest of the CHC's, the
Judgmental Sketcher. This goofball brings his
sketchbook to coffee shops with the idea that
he will draw fantastic images that will alter the
face of the art world. Instead, he spends most of
his time perched on the moral high ground
passing judgment on others. He then uploads
these sketches to his "SketchBlog" and claims
to be conducting some sort of satirical
anthropological study. Is he a loon? Is he a
twisted genius? Or, is he just a very silly fellow
who likes to draw goofy pictures of coffee house
weirdos? Probably a little of each (with a slight
emphasis on the genius part).


Mr. Sable said...

Do you ever get worried someone's gonna confront you on what you're doing? I find it difficult to draw people in a coffee shop. They sense you're lookin' at them.

Anonymous said...

Ah man, way too meta for me.