Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee House Creeps vol.3

Coffee House Creeps Vol. 3
The 20 Year Old Prospector

This oddball is a young man in the prime of
life who has inexplicably chosen to sport a
big, bushy, ragged prospector beard. I have
no idea what these fellows think this does for
them other than age them considerably and
make them look like they've flipped their lids.
The weird thing is that some of these guys
actually have women around them. What the funk?
Are looney prospectors big with the ladies these days?
Maybe they like to groom them ala chimps. There
is probably a lot of good eatin' trapped in those
colossal crumb catchers.

Note: These guys also tend to sport the winter
flip-flopper look detailed in vol.2.

Sketched at Sparrows March 7th

1 comment:

Jack Snider said...

Maybe people kept telling them they look like minors? To counter that they grew their beards and ended up looking like miners? Kids today...