Saturday, March 17, 2007

Coffee House Sketches

Here are some sketches I did today at a local coffee house.

I added the fancy design behind this fellow.This was a chair from the shop. It seemed like
the perfect fit for this undersea moment.
This guy was a real character. He kept one glove on
the whole time. I assume it was because his coffee was hot, but
I'd like to think that he was actually an old retired henchman
and the glove was hiding a powerful metal hand.
"Time was I coulda kilt alla yoose guys wit one blow!"

Images color enhanced in Photoshop


Jack Snider said...

Cool sketches Anthony. The retired henchman especially.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Yeah, he's my favorite, as well.
He's just one of those wonderful types who generally go unnoticed by most people.

Michael Mason said...

The octopus is terrific. The way he is 'sitting' and reading so funny in its own way.

The henchman is a wonderful characture - the title is icing on the cake.