Saturday, March 24, 2007

Movie Break: "Tears of the Black Tiger"

I want to take a break from the art for a moment to mention an amazing movie I just saw: "Tears of the Black Tiger".

It's a movie from Thailand that combines a melodramatic tale of lost love with a satire of/homage to American and Italian Westerns.

The plot involves an outlaw called The Black Tiger, who,
as a boy, falls in love with a young girl from a wealthy family.
Due to their difference in status, the two are unable to be together. Once grown, the girl is set up by her father to marry a captain of the police force. The boy has gained a proficiency with a six-gun and has joined an outlaw gang who's members dress and act like characters from old westerns (but also use machine guns and hand grenades!). Things come to a head in a delirious blend of drama, action and absurdity.

The film brings together a saturated, candy color scheme, occasional painted backdrops, beautifully edited action sequences, bloody violence, opposing genres and eye-catching compositions and combines them into a cohesive, yet dreamlike, whole.

It's a true visual treat as well as a strangely moving story.

This is a movie for people who REALLY love movies.

Click here to see "Tears of the Black Tiger" images, reviews, etc.

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