Monday, March 19, 2007

More Abstract Paintings

Here are two new ones that were painted over the weekend.
The one on the left is acrylic on masonite and the one on the
right is acrylic on canvas board. They are both 8" x 10".

Both of these paintings are for sale and can be purchased at my new store: ARTVILLE!.


Jack Snider said...

I wondered what you were up to. Cool paintings. I like the Artville logo also.

Sketchville, Artville... It's all coming together isn't it. Prertty soon you'll have your own zipcode.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Thank you, sir.
The logo's a bit rushed, but it turned out
OK, considering.

Ah yes, a zip code. :)

Zipsville, baby!

Michael Mason said...

I really like the piece on the upper right. Time to pester your local gallery about a show =)