Tuesday, March 20, 2007


If you look to the
night sky, you may
see Gleeble heading
who knows where.

He has his own
agenda which he
will not share.

Fare well on your
journey, friend
Gleeble. Our good
wishes travel
with you.

Oh, and please send a postcard when you get
wherever you're going. You forgot the last time.


Jack Snider said...

Speaking of postcards, this would make a good one.
Cute and creepy, a magical combination.

Michael Mason said...

Its problem is that it has too many eyes. Before it can get to where it was headed, a different set of eyes sees something new and interesting and he's off to see that new thing...sounds like a great kids book in the making Anthony =)

Michael Mason said...

oops, switched 'it' with 'he'...NOOOO forgive me.